Best of the Best Wedding photo of 2020 Junebug weddings

Best of the Best wedding photo of 2020 Junebug weddings – What it meant to us


Hello world! What a year it has been. So much challenges that we have faced and we must say it was a dark season. It was dark not just for us but for the many people out there who are still effected by this global pandemic. Sometimes you can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving… you will come to a better place.”

Today we just wanted to share our story on how 2020 was for us. We started out great, captured some of our best works this year! We also manage to launched our studio this year and then the pandemic happened.

Just when we thought the year was going to end on a low. We received an email from Junebug Weddings, entitled “You’ve made it to the Top 50!”

The email reads, “Your photo has been selected as a winning image in the 2020 Junebug Weddings Best of the Best Wedding Photo Collection.” … Our heart leaped out from our body (maybe stopped for a while) and we were lost for words just overjoyed.

We submitted this photo below along with few thousands others around the world for the 2020 Junebug weddings best of the best wedding photo contest.

Best of the best wedding photo

To be included in the Top 50 – 2020 Junebug Weddings Best of the Best Wedding Photo Collection is definitely one of our biggest achievement. And to be the only Malaysian in it! Yes lah! Malaysia Boleh!

Let us share a little background on this photo ~ It was captured in an airbnb rented home in Rawang. It surely wasn’t the most beautiful location to photograph a wedding but we just had to make it work.

We shot this from a reflection of a bathroom mirror. It created a nice frame and just encapsulates the moment between the bride and her parents. The parents spoke Vietnamese, so we were pretty sure they didn’t understand a word we were saying or trying to do. But it was okay cause the moment just happened between the bride and her parents and it certainly didn’t need words.

Looking back at the year, we can’t help but feel grateful that we had survived this. We want to thank every single one of you who have trusted us to create and to capture your life story. Because of you we are able to see another year of creating many more adventures and life stories in the best that we know how.

As we close this chapter, we look forward to what lies ahead. Wising you a blessed new year ahead!

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