Malayalee wedding ceremony EQ Hotel

Again we continue this series with day 4 of this wedding – Malayalee Wedding wedding ceremony in EQ Hotel.

Before we begin on this post, we thought it would be good to know a little about the Malayalee wedding ceremony. As we get to capture weddings that are different in culture, we also spend some time to understand all the important elements of the wedding so that we get to photograph better during the auspicious ceremony such as this Malayalee wedding ceremony.

India is a country with rich cultural and religious diversity. There are different ways of doing things all across the country, and when it comes to marriage, there are a myriad of local customs that are prevalent all over India. Thus there are many different wedding customs that arise there.

We are thankful that the couple and wedding planner had actually given us a handbook on what all the ceremonies is about and all the important elements and moments that is going to take place during the Malayalee wedding ceremony.

Some of the important elements during the wedding are the “Nirapara & Nilavilakku” which are essentially brass container ups see on the Mandapam (wedding dais) is filled with Neilu (rice grains with husk) with coconut flowers inserted into the heap. This symbolically represents prosperity. Nilavilakku is a traditional lamp used by Malayalees. The lighted lamp represents Agni, the God of Fire – an essential aspect of all the auspicious occasions.

Symbolically the groom ~ Naveen is welcomed into the wedding venue by the Bride ~ Nithya’s family and Thaalam girls (bridesmaids). The washing of feet by Naveen’s brother symbolically garlands him and then invites him to the wedding hall

Naveen and family is then escorted to the Mandapam led by Nithya’s aunties and the Thaalam girls. The girls will be carrying a ceremonial lamp and other other a set of essential auspicious items required for the ceremony. The Thaalam girls each carry a tray with a diva (lamp), flowers and a Thirurada (fan).

The ceremony is then complete with the Ganesh Pooja and the Lakshmi Pooja ceremony. And now here are some of the photos of the Malayalee wedding ceremony in EQ Hotel.

Mayalee wedding ceremony

Indian bride make up

Malayalee wedding ceremony

Malayalee wedding details

Indian bride wedding details

Portrait of an indian bride

groom getting ready

malayalee wedding ceremony

malayalee wedding ceremony

mayalee wedding ceremony

Malayalee Wedding ceremony

malayalee wedding bride gown

wedding details

wedding photographer

wedding deco mayalee ceremony

wedding deco and details

malayalee wedding ceremony

indian malayalee wedding

Indian wedding

Malayalee wedding ceremony

malayalee wedding ceremony

Mayalee wedding ceremony

Indian wedding ceremony

wedding photography

indian wedding celebration

wedding photography

malayalee wedding ceremonymalayalee wedding ceremonymalayalee wedding ceremonymalayalee wedding ceremonymalayalee wedding ceremonymalayalee wedding ceremony

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